Truffle Hummus

There’s a reason why French gourmand Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin called truffles as “the diamond of the kitchen”. Truffles have this earthy, exquisite taste that can accentuate the flavour of many dishes. To this effect, Royal Gourmet Foods has decided to make a deluxe version of the best-selling hummus by adding two extra ingredients: truffles and truffle essence.

Our famous Truffle Hummus retains the lemon-garlic flavor of the original flavour, but it now has a rich truffle aftertaste that many have become addicted to.

Whether you pair it with the typical pita bread or use it as a secret ingredient to many home recipes, there is no question of the authentic truffle goodness you’ll get from this variant of hummus. Feel free to use it as a spread for brioche! We can truly attest that the mushroom-like taste of the truffles mixes really well with the light sweetness of the French bread.

And take note, its classic taste may call for a bottle of Pinot Noir or dry Chablis for dinner. These wines match the elegant truffle hummus taste perfectly!