Shallot Yogurt (Mast Moosir)

We at Royal Gourmet Foods take our spreads and dips seriously. Aside from our specialty of producing organic products without preservatives, we have imported shallots all the way from Iran to come up with our own shallot yogurt. Shallots add a great depth of flavour to most recipes and augment the taste of both chicken and fish.

Having a party at home? You can serve the yogurt as an appetizer with pita chips, potato chips, lavash, or basmati rice. Quite simply, you can always use it as a spread to flatbreads and sandwiches that you can serve to guests before the main course. Instead of using mayonnaise or butter, why not use our very own shallot spread? The yogurt has a mild, sweet, and subtle taste that will leave a lasting impression to food enthusiasts.

Unlike other strong variants of onions, our Iranian shallots do not provoke an odorous aftertaste giving the yogurt a one-of-a-kind flavouring that can be used for so many recipes at home. You can even use it as a substitute to sour cream if you’re serving Mexican dishes!

And just a tip: beer or mint tea mixes really well with treats filled with the sour goodness of our shallot yogurt.