Smoked Eggplant Spread

If you’re in love with the taste of eggplants, this unique creation from Royal Gourmet Foods will take your addiction to a totally different level. Made with smoked eggplants plus the spicy-sour goodness of tomatoes, turmeric, and garlic, this spread can be a great addition to your spreads at home. It is all-natural and organic too, untainted by any amount of preservatives.

The spread is perfect to pair with pita and flatbreads. The flavour of smoked eggplant dominates the taste of this professionally-done mixture and will surely complement the dry texture of bread. Our smoked eggplant spread can also be used as a side dish to come along with every day grilled meat. Thinking of holding out a kebab or shawarma night? Slather the spread on the meat to make everything heavenly.

Our smoked eggplant spread can also be used as a major component for pasta sauce. You simply have to toss it in with either red or white sauce, sprinkle parmesan cheese, and— voila!— you just won the whole house with your personalized pasta bowl. Try looking for the recipes of Pasta Alle Melenzena and Eggplant Pomodoro and make sure to add a copious amount of smoked eggplant spread to perfect these dishes.

Typical drinks that go along with the taste of the spread are Rosé, Tempranillo and Sangiovese.