About Royal Gourmet Foods

It all began with the dip.

In 1998, we at Royal Gourmet Foods started out as a quaint, family-owned and operated deli in Vancouver. We are proud to say we had made mouths water for miles round from our sumptuous deli food. While this was an accomplishment in itself, we soon decided that it wasn’t enough, and we dug into a rich treasury of time-tested family recipes to begin producing a wide array of Mediterranean dips that are as delicious and authentic as they come.

Our line of Mediterranean dips became hugely popular and it wasn’t long before they became solid fixtures on the shelves of several grocery stores. Demand for our dips only continued to increase; its popularity grew so quickly and far-reaching that we started producing them in a dedicated food processing plant in Burnaby.

By 2003, we had firmly established ourselves as Royal Gourmet Foods, operating from Burnaby in British Columbia – our products gracing the kitchen counters and dining tables of folks from all over the area with our great signature taste.

Today, we supply stores throughout Metro Vancouver, Alberta, and other parts of British Columbia, and more people from various places continue to discover our products as the days pass. We proudly offer fresh dips, spreads, and condiments – made with the highest quality of ingredients– that are as healthy as they are delicious.

Sift through our diverse range of products, which include:

Pesto Hummus
Moroccan Hummus
Truffle Hummus
Shallot Yogurt
Olive Tapenade
Olive Tapenade with Fire Roasted Red Pepper
Spicy Olive Tapenade
Breakfast Cream
Smoked Eggplant Spread
Spinach Dip
• 3 Layer Hummus
• Plain Hummus, Olive Tapenade and Pesto Hummus

And that’s not all; we’ve got some tasty new products up our sleeves too. Stays tuned for updates in our website and Facebook page, or check what’s new and popping at your nearest grocery store.