Spinach Dip

With a lusciously thick consistency and an unforgettable tang that’ll have you smacking your lips long afterward, our Spinach Dip is one of the few good must-tries in life. Made with high-quality spinach, a dash of garlic and lemon juice, this dip is not only extremely good for you, but tasty too. Spinach is a humdrum of nutrients— folic acid, magnesium, manganese, vitamins K, A, and C— and what better way to take your daily dose of greens than a fun dip you can try with practically anything.

While you can slather Spinach Dip on whatever suits your fancy, this is best used as a spread or dip for pastries, such as on bagels or surdough. Toss in some pita chips, or raw vegetables, like some crunchy carrot sticks or radishes, for a healthy snack or appetizer at mealtime. You can even use it as a garnish for our own upcoming appetizers— definitely something to look forward to in the coming days! Don’t forget to add sparkling wine and Pinot Gris— two of the best drinks to use when you’ve got Spinach Dip on the table.

Our Spinach Dip is made of all-natural ingredients, and is 100% sugar and gluten-free. Dig right in!